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Package Selection Feature

If you would like to give your users the ability to choose the Products they want to build a package for, you can setup a Package Selection product. Once configured, the member will select either from your Showcase View, OR just by regularly adding from the cart, the particular package item they have specified.

During the Signup or Order process (it works for both), they will be asked to add the set number of items to their package, for example, if you said it is a package of 10 items, they will need to select a total of 10 items FROM the list of available items you configured. It could be 3 of one, 3 of another and 4 of another, or 10 of 1, etc. A Total of 10 items if you set it to need 10. You can set it to need any number you wish.

Adding Packaged Product Identifier

Go to Product Maint and click on the Edit link beside the Product name.

The Product Edit screen will be displayed. Scroll down to the Product Details section and click on the Add New button; a new detail line will appear. Click on the list field under the Description column to open the drop down list of possible items.

From the Drop down list, select Packaged Product Identifier, Add 1 for the value (but could be any integer number - it is like an ID for this package) and then click on the Save Product Details button to commit to the changes.

Adding Packaged Product Quantity

Click on the Add New button again. This time select Packaged Product Quantity from the drop down box. Enter the number of products that must be selected in the value field (for purposes of this example - enter 4) and then click on the Save Product Details button to commit to the changes.

You have now created a Packaged Product with an ID of 1, which requires 4 optional products to be selected before the Checkout can be completed. The total price of the Packaged Product is contained in this product. When optional products are selected - their value will be Zero ($0) - because they are a part of the package.

You now have to identify which products are part of the Package. This is achieved by editing the products that can be optionally selected and adding a Package Identifier to them.

Adding Packaged Product Volume

Adding Packaged Product Amount

Package ID - Optional Product

In the same area of the Product Maintenance, click on the 'Add New' button under Product Details for the product to be included in the package.

This time, select Package Id - Optional Product from the drop down list, and for the Value field, enter the PackageID you created previously (in this example - you have to enter 1 as this is the Package ID). Once done, click on the Save Product Details button to apply the changes.

Should you wish to have more than one package containing a particular item, separate all the 'Packaged Product Identifiers' that you wish the item to show up in, in the 'Package Id - Optional Product' area with commas like 11, 22, 33, 44, 55.

Repeat this exercise for all the products you want to be optional for the packaged product.

After this is complete, whenever a user selects the Packaged Product in their shopping cart, an additional step will be introduced to the shopping cart to select the 'Optional Products'.

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