Welcome to the Manual for INS MLM Software

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Important Notes

This user friendly manual (with easy navigation) is designed based on users recommendations. Use the quick links and menus to toggle between pages fast and effectively. The menu is designed to match the appearance as that of the INS system. Before you start check out the following notes;

  • Link to sign in to your MANTIS account: INS MLM Software Mantis Login. You may like to bookmark this page for future use.
    • Please keep in mind that the format of your username for MANTIS account will be: fourdigitid_yourname, e.g. 1234_robin.
  • Your MLM Software Link will be at a URL similar to that of http://####.sysaps.com/admin
    • You can set your password for the INS System using a combination of alphanumeric characters and special characters.
  • To Learn More about our MLM Software, Please visit our Website at: www.internetnextstep.com or MLM Software Enterprise
    • In case of any query/question regarding MANTIS or the system, please contact support staff via skype: ins-support.