CSS Editor

Editing CSSImage

First you login as Admin, from the Admin login page. You enter your Username, Password and the 4-Digit code displayed and click 'Submit'.


Click on Configuration in the left hand menu.


Then you will click on Website Setup


You will then click on CSS Editor


There are two areas where you can affect the CSS of your website. One is for the prospect area and another for Admin/Member Area. These two areas are self explanatory one is for the main website for all new users and what they see. Another is for the Admin and Members Lounge.

You can edit the Cascading Style Sheet used throughout your system.
This determines many features such as:

  • Table colors
  • Font size and colors
  • Link text sizes and colors
  • May control images and background

If you are unsure what is controlled by the CSS Editor, please contact INS Support.

With the use of Graphics Editor, CSS Editor and WebEditor, you can revamp your look and feel within our standard size constraints at any time.

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